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Business Insurance

Morgan & Associates is a full service brokerage that offers products to meet any of your needs or goals for any business insurance you might need. Let us help you with your immediate and future needs.

We have commercial insurance specialist ready to assist you over the phone, internet or in person. Give us a call at 1-866-917-8469 and we will come to you.

Builder's Risk Insurance
Insurance that provides liability coverages from loss on a site during the construction.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP's)
Comprehensive package for commercial liability, commercial property, commercial auto, theft, business interruption.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Provides liability and physical damage coverages on commercial vehicles.

Commercial Liability Insurance
Business coverage that protects against the liability for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury and fire damage.

Commercial Packages

Commercial Property Insurance
Insurance that indemnifies a person or business with an interest in a physical commercial property for its loss or the loss of its income producing abilities.

Commercial Umbrella
Coverage basically affording high limit coverage in excess of the limits of the primary policies as well as additional liability coverages.

Employee Practices
Employer insurance that protects against workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, libel.

Garage/Garage Keepers
Garage-protect garage owners or automobile dealers for liabilities arising out of their business operations.
Garage Keepers-Contract that protects a garage keeper against liability for damage to vehicles in the keeper's care, custody, or control caused by specified perils.

Inland Marine Insurance
Coverage of shipments which did not involve ocean voyages. Exposures eligible for this form of protection are described in the nationwide definition of marine insurance. Such diverse properties as bridges, tunnels, jewelry and furs can be cover under this type of insurance.

Motor Fleet Insurance
Insures the owner of a truck against loss to his or her own property and others while transporting cargo. It pays for the loss or damage of cargo for the perils insured against, regardless of the legal liability.

Pollution Liability Insurance
Insurance coverage that protects and covers the enviromental clean-up costs of a project.

Professional Liability
Liability insurance for professionals in their career work.

Specialty Contractor Insurance
Insurance that provides against loss in the specialty market, ie. waste treatment, enviromental,bridge, road etc.

Specialty and Excess Lines
Coverage to be in excess over one or more primary coverages and which does not pay a loss until the loss amount exceeds a certain sum. Also covers any special circumstances not suitable for any other insurance.

Vacant Building and Land Insurance
Insurance used to protect owners against injury or claims on a vacant land or building.

Worker's Compensation
Schedule of benefits payable to an employee by the employer without regard to liability, required by state law in the case of injury, disability, or death as the result of occupational hazards on the job-site. This insurance agrees to pay workers in compliance with compensation law benefits on behalf of the insured employer.

Morgan & Associates Insurance Group can assist you with whatever your business insurance needs are.

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